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Align, Breathe, Create

Join Sandy Abrams and me!

We’ve taken the most powerful elements from our own creative journeys, and woven them into a program to cultivate the creative mindset. When creativity is dormant it may feel like there’s a lack of courage, motivation, or creative action. This is sometimes referred to as a creative block. Instead, we see this as creative stillness; a moment of gathering momentum. To unleash that momentum and use it toward creative action, we need to feel supported, capable, and worthy of taking creative risks. This is where our lifelong practices intersected. Sandy’s experience with teaching breathwork and Gianna’s with teaching art both aligned with a mutual passion for mindfulness to create our Align, Breathe, Create program.
Gianna Vallefuoco helps people to gain mindfulness to find greater success.


Gianna Vallefuoco

Gianna carries years of experience in compassionate leadership in the construction industry and through mindfulness-based coursework with SIYLI, Beyond Om, and Thrive Yoga. She completed a two year practicum as an MMTCP certified mindfulness instructor through UC Berkeley’s Awareness Training Institute and Greater Good Science Center with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. Recognizing the deep connection between mindfulness and neuroscience, she continued her studies in Interpersonal Neurobiology with Dr Dan Siegel. She incorporates the “Mindsight Approach To Wellbeing,” to bring a multi-faceted approach to her teaching. Gianna works regularly with the police force and construction industry, focusing on compassion, crisis intervention training, and self care.


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