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Artist, entrepreneur, and mindfulness teacher.

As co-founder and creative designer of Vallefuoco Contractors, Gianna has spent over two decades helping clients create intentional and meaningful spaces, and now writes their INTENTIONAL SPACES blog. Using her undergraduate studies in Psychology and Figurative Oil Painting, she's assisted thousands of clients in harnessing and expressing their creative goals. In 2014, Gianna incorporated mindfulness into all her work, extending her platform beyond construction. Gianna uses her diverse training as an Artist, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Therapeutic Art & Life Purpose Coach, Reiki Level 1 and 2 Practitioner, and RYT 200 Yoga Teacher, to teach mindfulness and creativity across multiple trades and demographics.

As an entrepreneur at heart, Gianna is also owner of Beyond Gifted - a wellness-based gift portal, and is founder of Disability Inclusion Guild - a 501(c)3 dedicated to breaking social barriers for people with disabilities. Each of Gianna’s endeavors promotes compassion, gratitude, and interpersonal connection. She believes mindfulness has a place in all industries. Gianna uses both neuroscience and mindfulness principles in her workshops, sharing how to optimize the brain for creativity and change. She believes we are all artists, with innate creative potential, and have the ability to craft our ideal lives.

Services & Events

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Neuroscience of Creativity Whether you’re looking for tools to regulate emotions, find your calling, or break unwanted patterns and habits, my workshops will empower you to make long term shifts to design and create your desired life and experiences. Start working toward a life you love, the one you get to choose.

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Small Groups in the Art Studio Join me in my own home in my N Bethesda, MD art studio to harness your creative spirit. In this small group session, we practice meditation, unleash your innate creativity, and help you discover your intuitive calling or purpose. You will create your own artwork to keep forever. All art supplies and media will be provided. Bring only an open mind and heart.

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Life Changing Retreats In April 2021, join me for the RETREAT OF A LIFETIME in Tuscany, Italy. Spend 5+ life-changing days learning to manifest your ideal life in Montepulciano, Italy at the renowned Relais Ortaglia with Sandy Ferretti,  Sandy Abrams, Elia Nichols and me. Join us to learn concrete ways to optimize your life through breath, voice, posture, intuition, and creativity.

In addition to improving our lives, our extraordinary agenda includes a variety of unforgettable, interactive experiences. View the Tuscan countryside from a hot air balloon (or from the ground,) go truffle hunting for rare culinary treasures, sample Montepulciano’s divine wines, and learn to eat intuitively as we taste and cook some of Italy’s most cherished cuisine together. Enjoy movement and yoga (all levels) while looking out at the breathtaking Italian landscape. More info to follow soon…

As humans, we tend to conform to social norms to be accepted. Often this means suppressing our innate calling in order to do what's expected of us. This includes how we choose our friends, life partners, studies, professions, and our belief systems as a whole. We attach to the identity we create so we can feel like we fit in. Unfortunately, this can mean abandoning our intuitive calling, "our truth." After years of feeling unfulfilled, despite a seemingly successful life, I was able to quiet the influences around me, to find my own truth, and reconnect with my calling. I found a way to weave my existing life into my new life as an artist and a healer, empowering others to create their own ideal lives. Join me to create your own truth, your purpose-driven life.

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