Gianna Vallefuoco

Creativity Workshops


Creativity involves being vulnerable, taking risks, and finding curiosity. To make sustainable life shifts and move past obstacles, we need to understand human behavior and how we approach vulnerability. Learn the tools for neuroplasticity, harnessing the innate ability we have to rewire our brains based on our experiences. This gives us the power for change, motivation, joy, and creativity. Workshops cover skills to optimize our lives for creativity, using concepts from mindfulness, neuroscience, art, yoga, and psychology.



This  life-changing set of courses covers the basic principles of mindfulness as a practice for real life. Using principles from psychology, neuroscience, fine art, and mindfulness, you will develop a skillset for navigating life’s daily and deep challenges.  Learn how the brain works, and the tools to navigate thoughts and emotions. We cover how to use basic breathwork, meditation, and mindful perspective to approach common human experiences like stress, fear, shame, unworthiness as well as joy, compassion, and vulnerability.  Learn how to approach any obstacle with acceptance, and move toward resilience. The path to joy includes stilling the mind and opening the heart to forgiveness and compassion. Learn to love more deeply, work more skillfully, and live an intentional life without being overwhelmed by stress.



We’ve taken the most powerful elements from our own creative journeys, and weaved them into a program to cultivate the creative mindset. When creativity is dormant it may feel like there’s a lack of courage, motivation, or creative action. This is sometimes referred to as a creative block. Instead, we see this as creative stillness; a moment of gathering momentum. To unleash that momentum and use it toward creative action, we need to feel supported, capable, and worthy of taking creative risks. This is where our lifelong practices intersected. Sandy’s experience with teaching breathwork and Gianna’s with teaching art both aligned with a mutual passion for mindfulness to create our Align, Breathe, Create program.

Neuroscience & Creativity


Learn what motivates us to create. We each possess a basic need to be creative. The chemical reward system that makes creating feel so satisfying is based on the joy of working toward a goal; not the end product. Setting goals and then working toward our goals is what gives us purpose. Feeling purposeful and intentional provides a chemical reward system. We release dopamine as we move toward a goal, oxytocin as we feel connected to community, and serotonin as we find gratitude and satisfaction in our work. Creating makes us “feel good” and want to create more. This is the basis of motivation! Join me to create art and discover the chemical reward systems that move us into creative action.

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