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When we strip away the titles, labels, and beliefs we carry, we can see what truly unites all humans. There is no audience that is immune to the common human experiences of having thoughts, emotions and challenges which occur inside our own heads. I speak from the heart, and to the piece of humanity in each of us. I cover topics including Mindful Leadership, Self Compassion, Resilience, Shame, Failure as Fuel, Team-building, Crisis Intervention, Stress Management, Creative Mindset, Wellness & Thriving, and many more. I tie in neuroscience, psychology and mindfulness principles to relate to all humans. 
When speaking to audiences about creative mindset, I share what motivates us to create anything in our lives, and why we each possess a basic need to be creative; whether it’s a piece of art, an experience, a new or improved relationship, an unconventional idea, or any endeavor that makes you feel alive. The chemical reward system that makes creating feel so satisfying is based more on the joy of working toward a goal than on that end product. Setting goals and then working toward them gives us a sense of purpose and forward momentum. Feeling purposeful and intentional provides a chemical reward system that can sustain us, and allow us to move beyond obstacles like boredom, hopelessness, pointlessness, and fear. Often we feel flawed or defective when we lack motivation, but this is not a flaw. This is a universal experience of being human.
A simple way to explain this from the perspective of neurobiology, is that we can be skillful in navigating our feelings when we understand the brain chemicals involved in emotions. Dopamine is released as we move toward a goal.  Oxytocin is involved when we feel connected to community. Serotonin is associated with the experience of feeling gratitude and satisfaction in our lives. Knowing how our nervous system functions can help us create an internal environment to optimize the release of these desired brain chemicals. Creating makes us “feel good” and can sustain or revive our motivation in moments when we may feel a reflex to give up and quit. This is the basis of motivation! Join me to utilize this chemical reward system to harness your creative calling and your own passion project, and to refill your cup when you feel depleted.
Gianna Vallefuoco helps people to gain mindfulness to find greater success.


Gianna Vallefuoco

Gianna carries years of experience in compassionate leadership in the construction industry and through mindfulness-based coursework with SIYLI, Beyond Om, and Thrive Yoga. She completed a two year practicum as an MMTCP certified mindfulness instructor through UC Berkeley’s Awareness Training Institute and Greater Good Science Center with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. Recognizing the deep connection between mindfulness and neuroscience, she continued her studies in Interpersonal Neurobiology with Dr Dan Siegel. She incorporates the “Mindsight Approach To Wellbeing,” to bring a multi-faceted approach to her teaching. Gianna works regularly with the police force and construction industry, focusing on compassion, crisis intervention training, and self care.


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