Gianna Vallefuoco

Retreat of a Lifetime 2022

April 20-26, 2022 join me for the RETREAT OF A LIFETIME in Tuscany, Italy. Spend 6+ life-changing days learning to manifest your ideal life in Montepulciano, Italy at the renowned Relais Ortaglia, with Sandy Ferretti, Sandy Abrams, Elia Nichols and me. Join us to learn concrete ways to optimize your life through breath, voice, posture, intuition, and creativity. In addition to improving our lives, our extraordinary agenda includes a variety of unforgettable experiences.

What is the “Retreat Of A Lifetime?"

It's far beyond a retreat! It’s a life-changing workshop series, set in a personal retreat environment to optimize the experience.

What can I expect to achieve?

A new approach to life! Expect to learn profound, practical, and lasting ways to change unwanted habits and limiting beliefs! This is a transformative trip that embodies resilience in all aspects of life. Expect sensory experiences alongside like-minded women for a one-of-a-kind journey into Tuscany. The wisdom you acquire will encompass breath, voice, posture, intuition,resilience, and creativity.

How is it life-changing?

To gather momentum for lasting change, you need to be both ready and supported! You’ll be surrounded by natural beauty, inspiration, and the guidance of a team of four accomplished teachers who are leading voices in their industries! RETREAT OF A LIFETIME is one momentous step toward the life you choose. You’ll relax and restore as you learn the tools to thrive through specialized workshops intended to create sustainable life shifts.

Is this retreat all inclusive?

Yes! In every sense... and then some!

Indulge in morning and evening rituals while gazing into the green Tuscan hills of Relais Ortaglia. Feel the grass as you hike an Italian vineyard and explore an organic farm. Indulge your taste buds while savoring fresh olive oil, and sipping wine with a seasoned sommelier. Taste divine food in a Villa’s private wine cellar. Smell the scents of Tuscany as you hunt for truffles with Niko and his canine team. Inhale the vineyard air on a tour of a Montepulciano wine estate.

Listen like never before, as you quiet your mind and restore your body. Engage in movement of your choice like yoga, swimming, and horseback riding. Learn to prepare amazing food in a traditional Tuscan cooking class. Dine inside a vineyard, sampling Vino Nobile & homemade Tuscan liqueurs. Eat mindfully amidst a fresh truffle-inspired lunch. Design your own pizza in a 300-year-old forno a legna. This retreat includes all of the above! Exceptional food, transformative wisdom, unique excursions, and all the perks of staying in a renowned Tuscan villa. This is indeed the Retreat Of A Lifetime!

What is the cost?

For a private suite, the all inclusive fee is 4,985 Euro which includes villa accommodations and amenities, exceptional food and drink, personalized retreat excursions, culinary lessons, food and wine sampling, movement classes, and all privately-lead retreat workshops by Elia Nichols, Sandy Abrams and Gianna Vallefuoco. If you plan to attend the retreat with other(s), shared rooms are available for a lower fee by contacting Sandy Ferretti at Relais Ortaglia.

What about flights and extras?

Airfare to Florence, Italy is not included. If you want to extend your trip beyond the retreat, Sandy F, our retreat hostess, has connections to even more options! Her beautiful Relais Ortaglia is not only an ancient historical estate, it’s now a landing site for Tuscany’s hot air balloon ride. You can add this on during your trip and receive the group rate. You can also start your trip one day early to de-stress from daily life and international travel by immersing yourself in a day at a nearby Roman hot springs. Imagine naturally warm, healing waters, a spa massage, and more in a private salt grotto!

If this truly inspires you, you’re ready for the Retreat Of A Lifetime!

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